Cardboard containers

Emblematic product of Be Best Packaging. Our cardboard containers for take away products are ideal for restaurants.

We have a wide range of kraft products available. However, we are able to work with any type of cardboard: folding, recycled, corrugated, and so on.

Our range of kraft products with white greaseproof polish inside the container is really important. Hundred per cent recycled and biodegradable.

Our kind of kraft cardboard is resistant to grease and it does not contain any type of plastic!

Need to customise your products?

It is possible to do so if you buy a minimum quantity of 10000 units. Offset printing up to 4 different colours +polish.

Looking for innovative and unique packaging?

We can produce as much as you wish thanks to our design department if you buy a minimum quantity of 5000 units

Need for efficiency?

Our factory in Spain guarantees fast deliveries, just from one pallet (storage rack)

Looking for environmentally friendly containers?

Our kraft cardboard is biodegradable and it is FSC PEFC certified.

Here you can see some customised products.