Food paper

Old product in Be Best Packaging. Food paper is one of our best selling products.

We have a wide range of paper: PE coated and laminated paper, wax paper, silver paper and even Kraft paper for handle paper bags.

Some products are kept for paper convertors and they are available in paper rolls of different weight and width. We also have other shapes such as small rolls for supermarkets with the possibility to customise them.







PE Coated paper

  • Polyethylene paper available in rolls in different width.

  • Coating from 8gr/m2 PE

  • Base stands for raw offset, white or brown kraft. Available in different thickness. Usually 40g+10g PE o 50g + 10g PE. Other thickness is also possible.

  • We recommend deliveries of full truck loading.

Food paper

Laminated paper

Food paper
  • Recycled paper laminated with polyethylene plastic film of 4.5 microns

  • The basic standard paper is 60gr + plastic film HDPE (high density)

  • Avalability in big paper rolls or other forms.

  • Three different paper qualities with different white colours.

  • They can be neutral as well as customised or standard printing.

  • Deliveries in full or half truck loadings.

Silver paper

  • PE paper + silver paper ideal paper for keeping cheese and meat.

  • Avalability in big paper rolls or supermarket rolls of 10kg or in other forms with or without printing.

  • Standard thickness: 85gr/m2 or 92gr/m2. Possibility of having other different thickness. Deliveries from 5 tones.

  • Deliveries from 5 tones.

Food paper

Wax paper

Food paper
  • The most used is virgin paper (such as withened kraft WS treated), waxed one or both sides. Mineral or vegetal wax.

  • It is possible to waxen recycled paper.

  • Avalability in big paper rolls or other forms.

  • Printing is possible from 1 tone.

  • Standard thickness: 52gr/m2 or 60gr/m2. Possibility of having other different thickness.

  • Deliveries from 5 tones.

Complex paper + PE

  • Basic paper for polymer coated paper (PE or PP)

  • It is possible to manufacture it with waste, home compost certification.

  • Basic paper from 40gr/m2.

  • Coating from 8gr/m2 for PE or PP and from 15gr/m2 for compost coated.

Food paper

Avana Kraft Paper
for manufacturers of handle paper bags.

Food paper
  • Recycled paper Avana kraft colour in long fibres. Ideal for paper bags with flat or twisted handle.

  • Available in workshop rolls of 70gr/m2

  • Deliveries in full truck loadings.